Community Protocol

Timmins Transition Committee

Protocol among Agencies, Services and School Boards
City of Timmins
February 2010 – December 2013


The purpose of this agreement is to collaborate with our community partners in the support of coordinated and timely transition plans for children, youth and adults (0 – 27 years) with special needs.


The Timmins Transition Committee was formed to facilitate discussion among community organizations about how to streamline transitions for families.

Transitions are critical but often stressful times in the lives of children, youth and adults with special needs and their families.

The key transition times are:

A Preschool age to school age;

B Elementary school to high school;

C High school to adult services, post secondary education/training
and/or other adult pursuits;

D Other times which would include moving into new schools and/or

We agree that children, youth and adults and their families require supports during times of transition and in order to provide these supports, agencies, services and boards agree to the processes and time frames established through discussions which have been documented on the Timmins Transition website.

We further agree that agencies, services and boards will cooperate so that each child, youth and adult with special needs and their families will have all the information they need to make good decisions at key transition times.

Timmins Transition Website

The purpose of the website is to be a resource used for the sharing of current, accurate information important to children, youth and adults with special needs and their families, as well as to service providers. It is hoped that this information will assist families and service providers to facilitate transition processes.

The website will include specific information about various disabilities; the services and supports available to these individuals; what information is necessary to prepare for transition times; current education and training opportunities.

Other Areas of Cooperation Regarding Transition:

When a case conference is called regarding a child, youth or adult with special needs, all parties will agree to attend the meeting upon invitation.

All parties* who are Members of the Timmins Transition Steering Committee will meet at least annually to review the Terms of Reference, issues around transition points, update the website and ensure the quality assurance of the website.

The parties shall exchange information and resources on upcoming workshops and education, new initiatives, funding opportunities, technology and training and in-house program development

The parties will encourage their Staff and Families to use the website.

This agreement will be in effect for the years February 2010 to December 2013

*parties are any agency, service or board that are signatory to this agreement