Opportunities Identified (2004)

  • Respite care at college level
  • Mentoring programs for families, clients
  • Joint placement bank for shadowing, W.E., Coop Ed
  • Coordinated Employer Development/Training
  • Independent Living Experience
  • Transition Planning Guide as a road map
  • Integrate community programs into high school program
  • Write inter-agency protocols
  • Special needs Job Bank
  • Individual Transition Plans for 14 +.
  • Develop a transition guide for families
  • Data base tracking by exceptionality from 0 – 21 years
  • Develop Timmins Directory of Services for Children & Youth with Special Needs
  • Self advocacy skills training
  • Joint professional development/training calendar
  • Write curriculum for transition/bridging HS to Community
  • Social skills programming
  • Program for the “more able”
  • Open Houses/orientation for college programs

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